Thursday, 1 December 2016

Shades of Wazowski

So who doesnt remember Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. A one eyed green spherical monster that everyone liked for being the best bud to Sulley. Dance Legend made a collection of duochrome polishes on these monsters and each is certainly desirable as the other. 

Base: Dance Legend Wazowski
Stamping Polish: Konad White
Stamping Plate: BM S104

Here's a swatch catching the duochrome shift in action

A full mani pic: 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Colorful Afro Nails

Did this one a while back..have a small backlog of manis to post from around September.
Then I got busy with packing for my trip and then the actual trip as around 2 weeks..then once i cme back there was a mountain load of clothes and household work to catch up on. So now u know where I was busy. Slowly trying to catch up on posting stuff here and getting things back to normal.
Thanks for sticking with me so far!

I instantly fell in love with moyou african plates when they released and grabbed them in their September offer. I always resisted buying moyou plates but the offer was too good to resist.

Base: Miss Claire A18 (pink), Blue: Dance legend 343, Yellow Dance legend 303
Stamping plate: Moyou Africa 02
Filled in decals with the same shades used on base
Stamping with mdu cream, yellow and aqua